You can mislead a Hugh to water but you can’t make him think

Actual post with links from Hugh Hewitt:

This is the sort of photo and commentary that MSM rarely –if ever– shows you, but which Powerline and others routinely bring your way. It is provocative and perhaps misleading, but only in the wat (sic) that every photograph is misleading. The new media is busy every day bringing the alternative understanding of the world to your screens, and it is destroying old media in the process. Joe Rago calls the ‘sphere “chaos,” which I think would better be described as the arrival of choice.

So what Hugh is saying is that the “new media” is more than willing to publish something that is “misleading” and that’s okay because it’s really just an “alternative understanding”.

I don’t know about you but I kind of miss the days when we used to call something like that bullshit.

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