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Magical Mystery Meme – tagged again

Konagod is responsible for tagging me this time around.

Four of the following stories about me are true, and one is false. Your goal is to figure out which one is the wacky lie.

1. I attended a taping of The Phil Donahue show in NYC back in the late 80s. Phil came into the audience, gave me the mic, and I asked the guest on the panel, Bob Mackie about his designs for the show Dynasty. I asked him whether the stars got to keep their over-the-top fashions, and he answered that Elizabeth Taylor often did, and that some of the stars had it in their contracts to keep the designer frocks.

2. In the 80s, I went to Hawaii, on assignment for a travel magazine. I took some shots around Diamond Head while hanging out of the side of a helicopter (I was safely strapped in). I watched in horror as my lens cap fell off, dropping hundreds of feet below into the ocean.

3. I have pictures of my parents with President Richard Nixon and Sammy Davis Jr. at a Republican fundraiser in the 70s — my father was once a Republican County chair and bragged to me that a Klansman voted for him.

4. At 6 years old I begged my mother to invite TV newsman (and fellow Tar Heel) David Brinkley over for dinner because I was a TV news junkie even at that age. I watched Huntley-Brinkley Report almost every night. My mom said it was my most frequent request — that and whether she could get me a real-life Poppin’ Fresh Doughboy.

5. I met Al Gore when Earth in the Balance was released in 1992. I was working at a news service in the basement of the bookstore where he was doing a book signing. He came downstairs and I shook hands with him and told him that he would make an excellent running mate for Clinton.  He was, of course, selected shortly thereafter.

I’ll put up a post with the answers in a day or two.

Tag, Russ, you’re it.

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