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Legend has it that Gerald Ford was once President of these United States, although I’m hard pressed to remember his inauguration. In fact he became President not too long after I graduated from high school and about the only things I remember about him was his pardon of Richard Nixon and his WIN (Whip Inflation Now) buttons. But to this day I have just never been able to think of him as a former President.

Gerald Ford always seemed like a nice guy who was dressed in somebody else’s suit; one that didn’t fit him quite right. Up until Ford, all of the presidents of my lifetime had been larger-than-life tragic figures from the doomed American Royalty of John F. Kennedy to that Texas-sized cowboy caricature Lyndon Johnson followed by the Double-Nutty Evil Ripple of Richard M. Nixon. After living through all of that, America needed a break and there was Gerald Ford, the bookmark president acting as a placeholder while we caught our breath and began to think about what type of country we wanted to be again. I’ve always believed that, from the moment he pardoned Richard Nixon, his own chance of actually being elected to the job was pretty much doomed, and so for several years he sort of became our beloved bumbling uncle who, for some reason, crazy ladies wanted to kill.

I just hope it is not lost on anyone that the man who once said “My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over.” died during a time when we are starting to wake up from yet another of our long national nightmares…

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