If you need your Egg nog buzz killed or your Christmas cheer dampered, I encourage you to read this.  If that hasn’t done enough, try this.  I’ll let you read the articles for yourself.

This is something I’ve got quite a few opinions on.  I live in Chicago, which has a massive populace of LGBT folks, I’ve got a lot to say about the city’s homeless issue, I’m dating a social worker who deals with these folks every single day, and I’ve got a pretty sizeable interest in LGBT rights. 

I think it’s important to read this stuff, as it kind of fits a meme that I harp on pretty reguarly. 

Bad Situation + Queer = worse situation

I use that little rule of thumb a couple of different ways.  I’m not going to detail it.  It kind of speaks for itself. 

The reason I want to bring stuff like this to the attention of the general population is that it’s something that we’d all like to forget about.  It’s not a sexy issue like SSM.  You’re not a revolutionary if you’re advocating for homeless folks who happen to be queer.  You’re not appealing to the masses when you’re speaking about a sub group (the queer kids) of a larger group (the homeless) which nobody really wants to speak highly of in the first place. 

dan l

dan l