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Have Yourself a. . . Crazy Racist Eliminationist Wingnut Little Christmas?


Social Misfit Wingnuts, Possessed By Evil, Always Ruin the Party

One of the best parts of writing about the right wing’s racist war against brown people, which they hide under the rhetoric of “law enforcement,” is the joy of watching them speak their actual minds in response. Establishment media, take note: this is the political base of the right wing cocktail circuit people you take oh so seriously. To wit:

Do you people really think you can just utter complete nonsense like comparing the ICE raids to Nazi Germany and not have consequences of those HATEFUL words? I suggest to ICE that perhaps people who are accusing our government of being like Nazis ought to spend some time in our nice Nazi concentration camps with the illegals… Make sure you keep the ovens on till they get there!

Or this:

Do any of you so called liberals ever consider the diseases that the illegals bring into the country?

Indeed, the end of yesterday’s comment thread provides a cornucopia of racist rant, howling at the moon, because once the cretins crash the party, posting comment after comment. . . to themselves, the sane move on. I was just watching Ghostbusters, and the scene at Rick Moranis’ party where the demon jumps out onto the food table reminded me exactly of what happens around here when I write about the racist base of the anti-immigration “Hate the Brown People First” movement. Moranis says, “Okay, who brought the dog?”

All this because they can’t comprehend that a death camp is a species of concentration camp, but that concentration camps are not uncommon or even unique in U. S. history. How many Japanese Americans did we round up during World War II? From yesterday’s post, a quotation from Lambert at Correntewire:

Incidentally, if I’d meant “death camp,” I would have said “death camp.” See wikipedia (sorry, CD):

In the English-speaking world, the term “concentration camp” was first used to describe camps operated by the British in South Africa during the 1899-1902 Second Boer War. Allegedly conceived as a form of humanitarian aid to the families whose farms had been destroyed in the fighting, the camps were used to confine and control large numbers of civilians as part of a Scorched Earth tactic.

I’m sorry to harsh everyone’s egg nog buzz so close to Christmas, and I hope you can handle your own wingnut friends and relatives at the office party or the family dinner with some detachment and humor, because these people are truly crazy, and eliminationist to a degree that would make Eichmann proud, if they could but gain the power:

I want our government to do it’s damn job and I want these TRAITORS to be deported with the illegals. I am SHOCKED at the ignorance of these people about the problem. They have no idea how much they are making a Civil War more possible with every idiotic utterance they make.

These “TRAITORS” refer to, well, me. More on that in a minute, but first, a word about “law enforcement.”

They talk about “law enforcement,” but it’s just a smoke screen. They don’t care about law enforcement. They care about eliminating the brown people, getting them out, because they think we’re being “invaded” by inferior races who will dilute our imagined white European cultural purity and Anglo heritage. Don’t be distracted by their dishonest “law enforcement” arguments. There is no meaningful enforcement of laws against offending corporations, which we around here support. At the end of the day, they want to round up 11 or 12 million families, women and children, including many native born, citizen Americans, and deport them. Nevermind that the Constitution forbids the deportation of American citizens on these grounds. That’s how you know the “law enforcement” issue is a fraud. They want to eliminate the brown people.

Now, I will grant you wingnuts one thing, and I can say this now because your beloved Republican establishment has sold you out. There are some of us “assimilated” latinos who have been planted here and nurtured through generations to pollute the racial and cultural purity of America, so on that score, you have found us out. Some of us may be of mixed racial extract, but our loyalties are not to the glorious white Christian race. Some of us are even light skinned and educated (so, cleverly, we blend in), but we’re here as part of an advanced fifth column to abet the invasion. Ever heard of a guy named Markos Moulitsas?

When will you come for us all in the cattle cars? Good luck getting Tancredo or someone like him elected president, because until then, all your white women (the ones who cross the street to avoid you) belong to us. Just ask St. John McCain or Rudy Guiliani.

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