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“Convert or Die”


Matt Taibbi on the Christian video game "Left Behind" that gets you all spiritual'n'stuff when you mix Jesus and a joystick:

if you haven't bought it already, I strongly advise everyone reading this to log on to and buy the game. It is the perfect American holiday gift. Celebrate the birth of Jesus by wasting dozens of people at a time, using a provocative variety of Christ-sanctioned weapons! You can even operate tanks to destroy whole areas of New York City! Who knows, you might even get to kill Ethan Hawke ("slumming" in a ball cap and dirty jeans) in a Marxist bookstore-coffeeshop on 8th street! Kill, kill, kill!

Merry Christmas, America.

The curious silence of morality crusaders Joe Lieberman and Hillary Clinton with regard to this assault on the tender minds of America's youth is stunning.  I mean, they're selling this pig at WalMart, for fuck's sake.  The Council for American Islamic Relations, DefCon, Christian Alliance for Progress (CAP) and Talk to Action have all called on WalMart to stop selling the game. C'mon, Hils, you used to be on the board of directors.  Where's all the vitriol you worked up for Grand Theft Auto?  People are gonna worry this video game ratings thing is just a sop for the fundies, and you're less than interested in speaking out about violent video games that might actually be getting the lizard brains off.  

Fer chrissakes, people, a little leadership here.

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