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Sources, Please?


Despite having traveled to Iraq several times, Joe Lieberman's judgment with regard to his eponymous McCain/Lieberman war has been truly awful (just ask Michael Ware).  Now Greg Sargent raises the question — who is Joe getting his "surge protection" from? 

 President Bush may not be certain he wants more troops in Iraq, but Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman is.

"After speaking with our military commanders on the ground," he said Wednesday in an e-mail, "I strongly believe that additional U.S. troops must be deployed to Baghdad."

Joe is willing to send somebody's kids to die in Iraq (well yours, not his) based on info gleaned from conversations with "military commanders."  And as Greg says, we can be pretty sure those commanders are not named Abizaid, Casey or Chairelli. Now, I won't leap to the stupid conclusions of Michelle "You Say Jamail, I say Jamil " Malkin, who is still eating big heaping piles of crow after her high-octane temper tantrum about a story that never existed turned out to be a huge churning pile of self-promoting bullshit.  Maybe Lieberman does have good sources for this information, and if so, it would be very valuable to the discussion if he'd offer up a few names so we know he's not dwelling in a Malkin-esque fugue state, completely detached from reality.


I've emailed this question directly to a press secretary in Lieberman's office. I'm not expecting a reply, but it's a question that Lieberman's people really should answer, considering that — oh, I don't know — a lot of people's lives are at stake here. It'll be interesting to see if anyone in the media presses Lieberman on this, now that he's pointed to the commanders who oppose a "surge" to justify his support for one.

Since Holy Joe gets to speak for the 12% of the country who actually agree with him, I think it's incumbent upon journalists to ask him what his sources are.  Because based on his sage advice, many people (not named Lieberman) will surely die.  It would be nice to know it wasn't happening simply because Lieberman was cracking out the happy pills again.

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