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Late Nite FDL: Perverse!

If you needed any further evidence that Siamese cats are from Mars, here it is.  The caption posted by this YouTube user says, "HE LOVES VACUUM SO MUCH!!"  If my vacuum was as cool-looking as the one in the clip, I think I'd love it, too.  You can look at my carpets, though, and see that like nature, I abhor a vacuum.

I've been waiting all week to share this clip with you guys.  It violates the First Rule of Blog Club, I know.  ("No gratuitous cute kitties!")  Still, I just had to do it.  This little guy looks a lot like Juan Carlos did when he was a year old.  These days JC has become a bit more bun-shaped, but the eyes are exactly the same and he does that same thing with his front paws when he's happy.  I've been watching this clip over and over and over since Monday.


Still, if you require an additional dose of painfully cute critters on this fine Friday night, check out this panda sneezing at Majikthise.  Awwwwww.

Lindsay also points us to the marvellous world of "Will it Blend?"   My favorite demonstration of the BlendTec Total Blender?

The tilapia smoothie.  (Mmmmm!  That's great tilapia!)

And that's about all I've got tonight, kids.  What are you guys up to? 

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