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Dear Santa…

[The above YouTube is the amazing Judy Garland, from the film Meet Me In St. Louis, singing a heartbreaking version of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas." As I'm reading through the news this morning, this just felt like the right song for my mood, and I thought I'd share it with all of you.  This is one of my all-time favorite songs this time of year, and the movie is a classic — but it was the mood, that hope for better, that tinge of despair that things are gloomy at the moment, that really fits this morning's headlines.]

Dear Santa:

Things are a little gloomy this morning, and I thought I would write to ask for a little more holiday cheer in a few places that could really use it.  So here are a few of my Christmas wishes, if you could tuck them into your sack for Sunday, I would really appreciate it:

— For Condi, please put a hefty dose of reality in her stocking.  She surely needs it:

Condoleezza Rice today said Iraq was worth the cost in US lives and dollars, rejecting accusations that the conflict is a foreign policy disaster.

Especially given that we just lost three more servicepeople to a suicide bomber who was attacking Iraqi police recruits just yesterday.  "More of the same" is not a winning strategy — nor is sticking your head in the sand, or trying to spin the public — again — instead of facing up to reality.

For Nancy Pelosi, a unified Democratic caucus — we're going to need every hand on deck to wade through all of the muck that has been swept under the Capitol rugs for the last few years.   And for all of the incoming Democratic committee chairs, please fortify them with extra courage for the oversight that is needed.

— For Sandy Berger, a big smack up-side the head, with a gavel.  Hiding documents under a construction trailer?  Criminy.

— For Michael Chertoff, a lot of extra time to read through the latest OIG report (PDF) on how the DHS is breaking multiple laws.  (H/T to LHP for the link.)

— For Scarborough and Barnicle, more of whatever Wheaties they were having here.

— For all of the White House press corps, an independently thinking and skeptical brain.  Not just one, that they seem to have given to David Gregory in perpetuity, but one for each of them.  That would be swell.

— For Patrick Fitzgerald, a very happy birthday today.  And for many great avenues for direct and cross examination in the days to come.

Thanks, Santa.  There will be some extra rum balls on the cookie plate for you this year.  I know I'll need some after reading through all of this…

(For an historical footage version, take a peek at this YouTube, put together using the Judy Garland version of the song, but with footage from WWII.) 

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Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

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