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Blogger Named as NJ Politician of the Year

Some of you may be familiar with my friend Juan Melli and the Bluejersey web site (where I have the privilege of being a front-page blogger).  Juan and Bluejersey were out in front of the Luarel Hester story and also invaluable in the battle to bring marriage equality to NJ (Governor Corzine signed the new civil unions law yesterday, but the legislature is required to revisit it in six months to see if it is working, and they may just recognize full marriage equality at that time). is the top politicial web site in the state, and just named Juan Melli as its Politician of the Year, beating out such notables as Senator Bob Menendez.  Here’s what they say about Juan:

It’s not easy to balance an aggressive activist bent with the ability to work with the established politicos, but Melli and the folks at Blue Jersey, the progressive blog he started, have been able to do it. The online presence is often caustic and pointed, and willing to take on powerful Democrats like Sen. Bob Menendez after his fall vote to authorize wiretaps without warrants, or to ridicule Governor Jon Corzine for flip-flopping on property tax reform. But Melli is able to tap fellow Blue Jersey bloggers and his own real world network to get podcast interviews with these same politicos — including Menendez — and get them to give blunt assessments on the record. The reason is that Melli is always fair and unwilling to go after someone unless it is deserved, and politics watchers, from the most radical activist to the most entrenched politicos, know it.

This is a great thing.

At least one previous winner is awaiting sentencing.

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