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Watch out for fundies in your cubicle bearing olive oil

What on earth is wrong with these fundies? You cannot even escape them at work. (CBN):

Two former University of Texas – Arlington employees say they were fired after praying over another staff member’s cubicle and anointing it with olive oil.

Evelyne Shatkin, an administrative assistant, and Linda Shifflett, a development funds assistant, then filed a federal lawsuit citing religious discrimination.

Shatkin says the dismissal took them both by surprise. The termination letter sent to Shatkin from UTA referred to “conduct unbecoming an Arlington staff member, harassment of a fellow co-worker, and blatant disregard for the property of the university.”

…As to the charge “harassment of a coworker,” Shatkin says the coworker wasn’t present at the time of their prayers. She and Shifflet were praying over the coworker’s empty desk after work hours.

What do you think these bible-beaters were praying over — was the co-worker sinning? Wearing clothes that were offending fundie eyes? Maybe the coworker had TEH GAY.

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