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The Costs Of Not Impeaching W & Cheney

David Corn has a great article about why Impeaching W is a very bad idea, at this point anyways


Do we have to wait and get a draft going again before we realize what an absolute disaster this President is, and then decide to punish him properly?

Bush MUST be impeached, ASAP, sending more troops into Iraq is not just an act of arrogant lunacy at this point, it’s a crime, and I’m not being hyperbolic, no better than an organized hit on those troops that are about to be sent into Baghdad, and since W has the ONLY opinion that matters here, then why in the world would anyone placate this colossal failure any more, at the cost of more innocent lives?

There’s another vital reason to impeach both Bush & Cheney as soon as realistically possible

W has a irrational, completely overarching persecution complex, he’s becoming more isolated by the hour-except for his own Iago called Cheney

W is also the only one who can give the authorization to launch nuclear missiles, with Cheney stepping in should W be incapacitated or removed from office

Does anyone doubt W’s petty enough to play the Samson card, bringing down the walls around everyone else, especially with his laughable viewpoint that he’ll be vindicated by history regarding Iraq?

The people who would view, and argue against, impeachment as payback for what happened to Clinton will NEVER be in favor of any kind of accountability for this President anyways, so their views should carry as little weight as possible

The Dems can talk about accountability all they want, they can hold all the oversight hearings in the world, yet they absolutely refuse to cut off all funding for any further Empire building in Iraq, which means basically, they’ve neutered themselves from acting against a President massively unpopular with the US public

This President is NOT going to stop his arrogant lunacy on his own, he’s not going to be swayed by the most unpleasant of realities, if anything, he’ll order the draft to start up again just to spite his critics

Sure, MAYBE he’d need Congressional approval for that, but then again, he got that same kind of approval to declare War on Iraq, a clear case of Congress letting W do whatever the hell he wants, so why would anyone assume he’d seek their approval on getting the draft up and going again?

This President’s reality-denials are placing this country, and it’s citizens around the world, more at risk every day, and it’s a risk that’s getting more pronounced the more isolated W becomes

There’s another reason to impeach W though, it might be the one effective way to noticeably lessen anti-US anger where it’s most stoked right now, in the middle east

Let’s show the world that we take our responsibilities to the rest of the populace as seriously as we’d expect them to take theirs, and toss the W millstone off from around the necks of the US people

The Dems ran on a platform of changing the course in Iraq, yet they refuse to impeach or cut off funding for the Iraq occupation, so just what other methods can and will keep W in check, or at least prevent him from wreaking any more damage to our country and Constitution?

Refusing to do either of those two steps means W keeps driving this country into the ground, and we just cannot take the chance that he’ll decide militarily attacking Iran is a good way to stick it to all his critics before any critical mass favoring impeachment comes about as a result of oversight and investigations

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