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Some Choose Abstinence, Others Have it Thrust Upon Them*



The federal government is spending money to keep people abstinent until 29 years old. Seriously. No, no, I mean it. It’s like the Handmaid’s Tale without the mass infertility.

I remember when we used to hear this stuff and shake our heads in disbelief.  Then somehow we shifted into cynical acceptance that it was just a scam to funnel millions into the pockets of fundamentalist whack jobs to turn out the GOP vote. It made the US look like freaks and anti-intuitive prudes to the international community and did untold damage to reproductive rights in this country, but with the outrage meter already pinning over torture, the destruction of habeas corpus and hundreds of thousands dead in Iraq, it was hard to devote the kind of emotional fuel to this stuff that the absurdity certainly demanded.

This sort of rewriting of history by Focus on the Family and others as well as their tendency to pretend society agrees with them when it demonstrably does not would be funny, but the press takes them seriously.

These people are nuts, and it would be nice if the press stopped coddling them and pretending they were either reasonable or rational.  

*in the words of the immortal TBogg  

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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