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Formatting Hints

I’ve been wondering how you all make those nifty text boxes, links, etc. in your comments.  After a bit of poking around I found the following basics (see below fold).  A more thorough guide can be found at The Bare Bones Guide to HTML.NOTE: I had to use extra spaces around brackets and such below so that the sample code would remain visible.  Be sure to remove the spaces between the brackets in your code.  When in doubt,  you can preview you comment first.

  • Links. [ the text to be linked followed by the URL ].
    Example:  [ Pam’s House Blend http:// ] becomes Pam’s House Blend.

  • Bullets.
  • Bold. Put text to be emboldened (?!) between the and tags.
    Example: BOLD! becomes BOLD! .

  • Italics. Put text to be italicised between the and tags.
    Example: ITALICS! becomes ITALICS!

  • Strikethrough. Put text to be struck through between the and tags.
    Example: STEEEErike! becomes STEEEErike!

  • Text Box. Put text to be boxed between the



    Hi Pam!


    Hi Pam!

    Thanks BMG Bob for the tutorial!

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    Formatting Hints

    Laurel Ramseyer

    Laurel Ramseyer