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Calif marriage

Big news here in the Golden State.  The state Supremes are going to review the case for same sex marriage next year.

o now how about lgbt Latinos and marriage.  I am on the board of the National Latino Coalition for Justice, NLCJ.  We are working on bringing the conversation about marriage into the Latino community in the same way the Black Justice Coalition has done in the African American community.  Here’s that key piece of organizing successfully.  Have the right outreach people.  Send Latinos to the Latino communities and send African Americans to the black churches.  It’s that simple.  We can construct the right messages for our communities, we look the same as the people we are speaking with and share much of the same history.

The hard part for the lgbt community is getting us to the table at the beginning of the efforts.  We always know when we are added as an afterthought.  That doesn’t help the trust needed to be successful.

I personally think the key to this whole battle will be the successful organization of our friends in the faith communities.  This will be the front line of public debate.  The biblically correct will bring out all the canards about Adam and Eve vs Adam and Steve.  How quaint, how stupid, and unfortunately, effective.  I think we have to be very supportive of getting every ordained person we all know to come out righteously for our equality.  Only then can we shift the conversation to equality and away from bumper sticker sayings.

The case probably won’t be heard until fall of ’07.  The final word will come 90 days after that hearing. Until then, buckle your seats and don’t repeat any bumper stickers.

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