I know what boys like…

Back in January I wrote a post about Miss Las Vegas Crystal Wosik who is, how best to put it, not one of the brightest stars in the beauty pageant firmament.

Today, word gets out that another Miss Nevada, Katie Rees (this one of the USA, so I guess there are packs of Miss Nevadas wafting about out there) got caught with one of her boobies out and it wasn’t because her talent is Tara Reid impressions:

Miss Nevada USA was stripped of her title Thursday after racy photos of her appeared on the Internet, pageant officials said. Some of the photos show Katie Rees, 22, kissing other young women, exposing one of her breasts and pulling down her pants to show her thong underwear at a party in Tampa, Florida.

“Katie Rees has been relieved of her duties as Miss Nevada USA 2007,” said Paula M. Shugart, president of the Miss Universe Organization, which owns the Miss USA pageant and others.

Now, because I used the term Miss Nevada in that January post, I’m getting hit with tons of google picture requests for Miss Nevada.

Sorry guys, if you want boobage, you’ll have to go here.

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