Pre-Friday Random Ten

Yeah I can take a little pain
I could hold it pretty well
I can watch your little eyes light up
When you’re walkin’ me through hell
Yes I’ve been your fool before, babe
And I probably will again

Holiday weekend edition.

Heaven’s Gonna Burn Your Eyes – Thievery Corporation
The False Contender – Camera Obscura
Hey Fuck You – The Beastie Boys
Ways To Be Wicked – Lone Justice
Nausea – Beck
Sheila Take A Bow – The Smiths
Tennesse – Arrested Development
Brooklyn Bound – The Black Keys
The Bitch of LivingSpring Awakening (2006 Broadway cast)
Vienna – Ultravox

Bonus #11 for Santa: A Little Bit of Sympathy – Robin Trower.
Santa is old school.

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