A Confederacy of Sociopaths

Things like this gets Michelle Malkin hot.

According to those familiar with the families in the private prison, children of those apprehended are dressed in prison jumpsuits and receive only one hour of schooling and one hour of recreation a day. The trade-off is that they get to remain with their families.

Hard information on the program and the private prison is difficult to come by. The company running the prison refers questions to the immigration office, and the immigration office has had little to say about the situation.

News of the 400 people — 200 of them children — being held in the T. Don Hutto unit in Taylor has sparked protests from several groups interested in immigrant issues. They are concerned about everything from care and feeding of those being held to the psychological effect of incarceration on children and families.

It has become increasingly difficult to remember a more shameful period in American history than what has happened over the past six years, best exemplified by a private contractor profiting from locking up children at Christmas-time with a nod and a wink and a check from the government.

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