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Thank Jeebus The Adults Are Back


Via Digby, we find this today in the AP:

The Pentagon is still struggling to get a handle on the unprecedented number of contractors now helping run the nation's wars, losing millions of dollars because it is unable to monitor industry workers stationed in far-flung locations, according to a congressional report.

The investigation by the Government Accountability Office, which released the report Tuesday, found that the Defense Department's inability to manage contractors effectively has hurt military operations and unit morale and cost the Pentagon money.

"With limited visibility over contractors, military commanders and other senior leaders cannot develop a complete picture of the extent to which they rely on contractors as an asset to support their operations," said the GAO, the investigative arm of Congress.

According to the report, some 60,000 contractors are supporting the Army in Southwest Asia, a region that includes Iraq. That figure is compared to the 9,200 contractors used to support the military in the 1991 Persian Gulf War.

So the GAO thinks there are 60,000 contractors in all of Southwest Asia. Somebody tell the Pentagon:

There are about 100,000 government contractors operating in Iraq, not counting subcontractors, a total that is approaching the size of the U.S. military force there, according to the military's first census of the growing population of civilians operating in the battlefield.

The Pentagon seems to think there are 50,000 contractors working for Dyncorp alone in Iraq.  That's okay, the ISG thinks there are only 5,000 total in the entire country.

Looks like basic math skills have taken a bigger blow under NCLB than I thought.  

Yet another in a continuing series of hideous Republican messes

Update:  The Pentagon wants another $99.7 billion for war in Iraq and Afghanistan.  And you thought it was gonna be a hundred billion.  Hah.  It boosts this year's war costs to $170 billion.  That's Heritage Foundation Intern chump change.  (hat tip twolf1)

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