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Professional codpiece Ollie North was yucking it up on Fox news the other day on his Good Time War tour of Iraq, using live soldiers for props and verily scoffing at the notion of danger.  Says Ollie (via Will Bunch):

I'm standing next to Lance Corporal Andrew Colon. Earlier today, we went with the Marines of 1-6, First Battalion, Sixth Marines, into Ramadi to look at a civil affairs project. Andrew Colon is a combat correspondent with the civil affairs group that is responsible for winning the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people. It was interesting yesterday, because while we were out there, Iraqi troops — some character who apparently had been trained by the French, perhaps the French Girl Scouts or by one of your friends, Alan — took a pot shot at us. The outcome might have been different if he'd been trained to shoot by Dick Cheney, but he missed.

Ha ha.  You teh funny, Ollie.  Zingers about man's man Dick Cheney, liberals and the French in one shot to prove you laugh in the face of danger.

But Ollie left something out:

Just six days before North giggled on camera about "potshots," and boasted that things were really improving in Iraq, a high-ranking Marine officer and two other U.S. soldiers who had just escorted North and his Fox crew to Ramadi moments earlier were killed by a roadside bomb. The Marine who died in the Dec. 6 blast was Maj. Megan McClung, the highest-ranking woman killed in Iraq since the invasion in March 2003.

I don't know when these ghouls like Malkin will stop putting American troops in danger so they can do their self-promoting, vanity globe trotting through war zones and get their wingnut welfare checks for spreading lies about all the "good news" in Iraq to the lizard brains.   Their callous indifference to the safety of those who have to put their lives in danger so they can spread the BushCo delusion about how groovy everything is in Iraq and flatter themselves as they strut before the camera is downright venal.

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Jane Hamsher

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