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Daddy D irked by charges that he distorts work of researchers

Focus on the Anus honcho James Dobson sent out one of his attack dogs, Gary Schneeberger of FoF’s CitizenLink, to try a bit of damage control, as he’s been called out for twisting the work of New York University educational psychologist Carol Gilligan, PhD in Daddy D’s column ‘Two Mommies Is One Too Many’ (my post here).

Basically, it’s the homosexualists that have co-opted the researchers, through our artfully deployed Homosexual Agenda, forcing them to back the attacks on poor Daddy D. (Citizenlink):

“The attack against Dr. Dobson has been as unceasing as it has been baseless,” said Carrie Gordon Earll, director of issue analysis for Focus on the Family. “The only thing that can explain the vehemence with which gay activists have responded to his commentary is that it galls them for a major publication like Time — with a circulation of more than 4 million — to give a platform to someone like Dr. Dobson, who stands for everything they oppose.”

The first attack came in claims from two researchers whose work Dr. Dobson cited in his piece that he had “twisted” their science. They only spoke up, it is worth noting, after being contacted by a gay activist [Wayne Besen of Truth Wins Out ] with a long history of personally vilifying pro-family leaders; in fact, he once called Dr. Dobson “a Scripture-spitting, simple-minded, superstitious savage.” No matter why the researchers weighed in, though, their objections are off-base, according to Dr. Bill Maier, Focus on the Family’s psychologist in residence.

These are well-respected scientists who probably feel they have no choice but to cry ‘foul’ because they work in a field that is so dominated by liberal groupthink,” Maier explained. “But the fact they aren’t happy their data was used to reach a conclusion they disagree with doesn’t mean the data was not properly applied. Dr. Dobson never claimed these researchers share his view on this issue — they clearly do not. But there is no denying that the data they compiled can be appropriately cited to show the unique contributions mothers and fathers make in the lives of their children.

…”It comforts me as Pediatrician when a health professions colleague of Dr. Dobson’s stature presents the science of child rearing so clearly,” wrote Joseph Zanga, M.D., a professor of pediatrics and president of the American College of Pediatricians. “Of course children need a mother and a father, female and male, to optimally guide them through all of their developmental stages to adulthood. This is not new science. It was taught to me in every year of my education through and including medical school.”

Dr. Kyle Pruett and writer Angela Phillips have also come forward to publicly blast Dobson for misusing her research. As Timothy Kincaid at Ex-Gay Watch noted a couple of days ago, Dobson has been getting away with this for years, and now he’s been forced into a corner with his slipshod shaping of facts to suit his agenda.

This is not the first time that Dobson and other anti-gay activists have misquoted or misused the research of others.  He has been misrepresenting both Gilligan and Pruett for years.  And perhaps the most blatant example is the misrepresentation of Dr. Spitzer’s kindly intended but poorly executed look into the successes of some ex-gays.  Although Dr. Spitzer has publicly complained about the dishonest representation of his conclusions, this study continues to be trumpeted falsely on most every anti-gay and ex-gay website.

While I suspect that Dobson is fully aware that he repeatedly misrepresents the research of others, on some level I don’t think he views his statements as “untrue”.  Dobson is convinced of the rightness of his position and therefore what he says, though technically inaccurate, is still “the truth”.  Facts are just inconvenient details that can be ignored.

It should be noted that the FoF response didn’t address Daddy D’s lifting of another writer’s work in his Time column.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding