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Baby sent through X-ray at LAX

Tomorrow I’ll be hopping on a plane — again — and will have to do the TSA shuffle. I’ve seen a lot of nonsense in the airport, but not something this shocking…

  A one-month old baby was placed into a screening bin by his grandmother at LAX and the child was sent on the conveyor belt and through the X-ray machine. Thankfully it was determined that the dose of radiation wasn’t dangerous. (LA Times):

A screener watching the machine’s monitor immediately noticed the outline of a baby and pulled the bin backward on the conveyor belt.

…The rare incident drew attention to whether officials are staffing often-busy security checkpoints enough to prevent such an accident. And it raised questions about the danger of X-rays used to pick out suspicious metal shapes in passenger bags, given the medical community’s warnings that even low amounts of radiation can build up over a lifetime.

“Rather than focus on the radiation dose, which is a small amount, we need to focus on why this happened, so it doesn’t happen again,” said Dr. James Borgstede, a diagnostic radiologist at Penrose-St. Francis Health Systems in Colorado Springs, Colo., and president of the American College of Radiology. “Human beings weren’t meant to go through those things.”

…”The screeners are still reporting that they’re being pushed,” said Brian Sullivan, a retired Federal Aviation Administration security agent. “If a baby can get through, what the hell else can get through?”

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