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And Fairies Ate His Pants

Remember the feeding frenzy on primary day in Connecticut when all the media could talk about was the hack of Lieberman's website by Lamont's blogger supporters? As the above clip Scarce put up from the new BBC/Sundance Documentary Blog Wars demonstrates, thinking people were calling "bullshit" at the time.  I guess "thinking people"  would not, it seem, include the following….

The Hotline,

New York Times,

Associated Press,



Fox News

…because the US Attorney for the State of Connecticut, Kevin O'Connor (a Republican whose name was bandied about as a replacement for Alan Schlesinger, before Karl Rove put out the word that the GOP should not put up any opposition to Lieberman), the FBI and State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal have concluded that the whole "site hack" accusation was pure fabrication with no basis in fact.


It only took four months for them to conclude not only that the Lamont campaign (and supporters) were absolutely not involved, but also that what happened is EXACTLY WHAT WE WERE F@#$ING SAYING ON AUGUST 8th!!


After all of Joe's whining and accusations, now he has no comment?

Yeah, got'cha, what a classy senator.

Matt Browner-Hamlin:

Will Mark Davis, Chris Matthews, and every other TV personality and radio host that trumpeted the Lieberman website crash as the work of Lamont or bloggers supporting Lamont? Doubtful.

And greenpeas over at MLN has, I think, the final word:

Where's Jon Carroll on this story?

Since Beat the Press operates under the belief system that the MSM has laudable, tangible, standards and ethics which produce fine results, and the blogosphere is dangerously "without" them, let's see how they explain this story?

The bloggers had it figured out in hours; the FBI took months to provide essentially no more details than the bloggers provided in August.  Meanwhile, the MSM with all its ethics, standards, and guidelines — got taken for a ride that may have affected the spread in the primary race. 

Chris Matthews got punk'd by Lieberman, as did everyone else who promulgated this stupid story.  Matthews should go over and stand in the corner with Ellen Tauscher, as they're both showing telltale signs of Toxic Joe Exposure. 

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