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A Really Good Reason to Call Dick

Folks, I think we’ve been missing a really obvious reason why Libby’s team would want to call Dick (in addition to the wildarsed speculation I made here).

One of the most important witnesses against Libby will be Cathie Martin. She will testify:

  • Sometime not long before July 8, she told Libby that Plame worked at the CIA
  • She witnessed Libby’s conversation with Matt Cooper on July 12 and (presumably) heard him make none of the caveats he has claimed to have made
  • Libby and Dick strategized a response to Wilson while on Air Force Two (and I suspect there are details of this conversation we don’t yet know)

The last one, of course, is the doozy. While we don’t know the content of that conversation, it likely covers a good deal of material that might go to the question of intent, to say nothing about Dick’s centrality in this leak.

There were, as best as we know, just three people who participated in that discussion: Libby, Dick, and Martin.

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