Why are you looking at me? Stop laughing. What? What did I say?

Without a whiff of self-awareness, Scott Johnson of Power Line (he’s the goofy-looking one…no, the other goofy-looking one) invites his readers to read Pat Conroy’s essay in which Conroy admits to feeling like a coward for having opposed the Vietnam war while others went and fought in it.

I’m not sure if Mr. Johnson harbors some deep unspoken regret concerning his own history of supporting wars while others go and fight or even the fact that he never found the time to serve during a time of peace, but if he and Hinderaker and the other goofy-looking guy from Power Line want to get the gibbering Coward Monkey off of their backs, I would recommend an evening camped out on top of the Empire State building.

That seemed to work for Hugh Hewitt

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