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Was Mel's holy pee-pee where it shouldn't have been?

Actor/director Mel “Sugar Tits” Gibson, the Jew-loving, women-respecting, sober, conservative Catholic, should be receiving some legal papers from a woman requesting a DNA test. She claims that she was a “love child” conceived in the back of his car on a mattress when he was a nobody. 

Carmel Sloane, now 29, says her mom Marilyn had a fling with Mel. The mom’s account… (News of the World):

When we stopped for the night Mel got in the back on the mattress but I stayed in the front. I said I didn’t trust him but to be honest I didn’t trust myself either! He was so sexy. I didn’t have any contraceptives with me and I hadn’t had much to do with guys.

Eventually he persuaded me to join him in the back. I told him, “If anything happens and I get pregnant I’ll come looking for you.” He replied, “I am going to be famous. You will always know where to find me.”

After the two allegedly knocked boots, Mel went back to work at his job — in an orange juice factory in Adelaide (Australia).

What would Mel’s fundie fan club think about this?

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding