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Trump says Miss USA can keep her crown

“There’s no question that she’s a party girl. We have hundreds of thousands of young women around the world who look up to Miss USA and Miss Universe, and it’s really important to set a high standard.”
— The Donald, who’s offering up a second chance to the beauty queen, who was allegedly boozing, doing blow and boinking Miss Teen USA

What a blast from the past, a beauty queen scandal. Tara Conner is probably hoping to take the Vanessa Williams scandal route  (in 1984 Williams had to return her Miss America crown after soft-core lesbianic nude pix turned up). Why this silliness was worth a news conference is difficult to fathom. Might it be the underage drinking, or is it the Sapphic dalliance with Miss Teen USA that is making the MSM drool? (Raw Story):

After reports that Miss USA’s reported after-hours exploits in New York City might result in her abdication, Donald Trump announced today that he will allow Tara Conner to retain her title.

…The president of the Miss Universe Organization, which is owned by Trump and NBC, had announced in a statement last week that Conner’s “behavioral and personal issues” were being examined “to see what we can do to work with her and what we will do about her reign going forward.”

“A variety of sources – most of them unidentified – have spilled tales of Conner’s cavorting ways and nightclub escapades since coming to the big city last spring, after she was crowned Miss USA in April,” FOX News reported. “Rumors have swirled of Conner’s alleged cocaine snorting, promiscuity, binge drinking and even lesbian make-out sessions with Miss Teen USA Katie Blair, one of her roommates.”

My deal — how come this gal didn’t think the public partying was going to blow up in her face? This couldn’t have been her first trip around the pageant circuit. With all the contracts and endorsement deals with morals clauses, these beauty queens basically sign their lives away for a year. It’s hard to believe she was that naive, particularly with the bible-beaters practically ready to stone folks at the drop of a hat in Bush’s America. But hey, the Donald has her back…

These pageants are so ridiculous anyway — who watches them? Apparently some of the Freepi do…

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She probably has to do some unspeakable act with and to Trump to keep her crown.

I think if she was snorting coke OFF miss Teen USA than its OK.

She only has four more months left..and leave it to Trump to turn crap into gold.. She’s an accomplished con artist..IMHO.

She took care of The Little Donald.

OMG……..this is pathetic!! The Donald has lost his mind!! Christmas Season will be the reason…for this “FORGIVE-IN”.

Good. They chose to help her out instead of shame her. Sounds like a good decision.

Brian Kilmeade suggested just this scenario for the past two mornings. He mentioned early this morning that “The Donald” called him about his suggestion, and gave him a heads up re this morning’s news conference.

Unbelievable! Another example of what’s going wrong with this nation… No more right or wrong, no more absolutes, no more high standards. It’s all emotional.
Sick. What a role model. Just sickening.

And she apparently likes to make out with other hot chicks, such as Miss Teen USA (19?) in clubs, so that makes it OK, too.
She’s supposed to be an example for young ladies, not merely yet another good looking tramp.

This shows little girls they can do what feels good and an old man like Trump will forgive them..I wonder if she will be on the list of females to replace the present Mrs Trump…Look for headlines in the near future…What a bunch of losers..

I was saying to my wife last night that this was probably planned to get maximum attention to Trump’s “event”. The nation is so fixated on sex and drugs ala Madonna, Spears, etc, this could have been planned.
“She probably has to do some unspeakable act with and to Trump to keep her crown.”

Like swirl her hands through his hair until the toupee comes off?

She’s smoking hot. Yummy! /drool

She was crying so hard I thought she would start choking. And despite all those tears, her make up stayed perfect!!

This was so digusting I had to change the channel. I couldn’t believe she was up there thanking people as if she just won an Oscar.

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