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The New Life witch hunt in Colorado

Yesterday I posted about the travails of Christopher Beard, the New Life Church pastor and official who had to step down because of unnamed “sexual indiscretions.”

The bigger picture is that Beard’s ouster over matters that didn’t involve a minor (or Haggard) and occurred several years ago, is part of a purge by the Colorado mega-church.

According to a report on 365gay, the level of scrutiny that all of the church leadership is under resembles a witch hunt.

Fearing another potential scandal that could destroy the 14,000 member church elders asked parishioners for information about the “spiritual character” of other church staff and leaders.

Members are urged to fill out a form on the church’s Web site that goes to a panel of four pastors from other churches that have agreed to help New Life weed out problem people.

Associate pastor Rob Brendle denies it is a witch hunt but says “we want to give people who feel they have relevant information access to people in authority.”

Boy, what a bunch of forgiving “Christians” these folks are.

Jerry of A Christian Voice for LGBT Rights calls it out for what it is.

…this is exactly what the Nazis did. They encouraged friends, family, and neighbors to report anyone who didn’t toe the party line; many parents turned in their children; children turned in their parents; neighbor turned in neighbor; friend turned in friend.

This witch hunt, and despite their protestations to the contrary, it is a witch hunt, shows the demented nature of not only the leadership of this “church,” but of most of the organized “Church” in its single minded obsession concerning sexual matters, even “indiscretions” not involving minors, that happened well in the past.

To say that this is an embarrassment to Christians worthy of the name is an understatement! These limited human beings obsess over sexual matters; indeed, froth at the mouth at the slightest suggestion of what they term to be “sexual impropriety,” yet are blind to their own witch hunting, hurting others and their families, ruining others’ ministries, and their own pride and arrogance in presuming upon themselves the “moral” high ground, defining who and who is not worthy to be ministers of the Gospel, just as they do in defining who and who is not fit to receive sacramental and civil rights. They are an embarrassment to the Church and an embarrassment to all Christians worthy of the name who understand the Gospel of grace, faith, love, peace, reconciliation, and inclusiveness!

Also, check out Dan Savage’s hilarious spot-on column, Have You Fucked These Men?, with the whole motley crew of gay boys at New Life. (H/t to Blogactive via Randy in the comments.)

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