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Gay couple bashed outside Scottsdale steakhouse

“It was creepy to me. I could see the bone in my jaw through one gash. I had blood pouring out of me and I actually blacked out at one point.”
— Nineteen-year-old Andrew Frost who, along with Jean Rolland, 28, were jumped by seven men outside the restaurant

What is wrong with people? Oh, yes — it’s all about enforcing perceived social norms of masculinity. How virile can you be if you outnumber the fags 7-2 when you decide to assert your manhood?

So far, no one has been arrested (surprise!). (AZ Central):

“My only hope is that they’re going to brag about it and tell their friends how tough they were,” said Rolland, a native of France who lives part-time in Scottsdale.

…Frost, a Scottsdale resident who graduated from Mesa Westwood High, said the attack was the second he endured in the past three years. When he was 16, he said, he was attacked by two teens and an adult in Mesa. One used an aluminum baseball bat.

…Scottsdale police confirmed the assault about 8 p.m. at the restaurant, 2122 N. Scottsdale Road, though the incident report was available Monday afternoon.

Rolland and Frost said that as they left the restaurant, two men headed into the eatery, and one of them called them “fags.” Rolland turned around and said something, leading the two men to attack them. Other men from inside the restaurant joined the attack.

The owner of the eatery, George Frasher, as well as several of his staff, believe that the thugs are regulars at another Scottsdale bar.

H/t, Towleroad.

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