Father’s Rights Movement: Is it good or is it whack?

And I’m seriously wondering, so give me some input. 

I yoinked this post off of Urban Guerrilla, basically tearing up over how Chicago’s homeless news paper called Streetwise is running a big bit on Father’s Rights. 

For those not in the know, the Fathers’ Rights movement is an international movement against feminism and women’s rights gains. The movwement’s focus on child custody battles has consistently blinded it to issues of domestic violence and more extreme elements within often harass mothers at their homes. In the case of Darren Mack, many in this movement even defended a murderer who killed his estranged wife and tried to murder a family court judge.

Fair enough. 

Now I’ve got 3 problems with this piece: 

1.  I don’t know that much about feminism to know if this guy is actually making a valid argument.  Father’s Rights to me – knowing at least a little bit about the legal system here in Illinois, I’m aware that there is a need for advocates for fathers that are often passed over.  On the other hand, I’m sure there are people looking to exploit that movement. 

2.  The only person I know that would be able to answer this is currently somewhere where I can’t talk to her. 

3.  The author is a cop hating, anarchist shitbag and I would hate to find myself agreeing with him. 

So is this guy on the money?  or is he oversimplifying?  Or both? 

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