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Log Cabin Republicans name new president

The LCR organization has named Patrick Sammon as its new president, promoting from within.

“Log Cabin is fortunate to have someone with Patrick’s skills and experience leading this organization,” said Log Cabin National Board Chairman Tim Schoeffler.  “We conducted an expansive nationwide search.  We interviewed many highly qualified people, but at the end of the day, it became clear that Patrick was the best person for this job.  Over the past three years, we’ve come to know and appreciate his work for this organization.  We know Patrick will do an excellent job.”

“I’m humbled and honored to be leading Log Cabin Republicans during this important time,” said Sammon.  “Log Cabin’s mission is more important than ever before.  I will provide a strong voice for those in our Party who believe the GOP can return to power by pursuing a unifying and inclusive conservative agenda that attracts voters from both the center and the right. ”

It will be interesting to see what the organization does in the post-Foley era — and as the mask has fallen from the fundies with the implosion of Haggard. Will this be an opportunity for the Cabinettes to assert themselves within the GOP, or will the LCRs remain a whipping boy for a national party still struggling with how to deal with its openly closeted homos?

You can read more about Sammon at his bio page.


While on that note, has anyone seen the LOGO documentary “The Elephant in the Room“? It follows three gay Republicans and how they navigate and reconcile their beliefs and alliances with the rejection by gays and the GOP.

I don’t get LOGO, so Kate’s downloading it from ITunes so we can watch it on the road when we go to Birmingham later this week.

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