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For the record, I spent a couple of hours in a room with the man in NYC, with a bunch of other bloggers, and did not once think to myself, "Gee, I wonder what the Clenis is thinking?"  Would that the heavy breathing movers and shakers of the world of journalism could do the same.

Her campaign strategists also have to be "very careful" about managing Bill because "he sucks up the air around everybody when he's there," says Thurber. "And he needs to be loved. She is more self-assured, doesn't need as much adulation as he does. And that's trouble."

There are "so many barriers for her, alone, and then add Bill in there and then add his infidelity to it," says Thurber. "Well, she doesn't want to be looking over her shoulder and having questions asked by the media about it."

But there will be questions aplenty. How could there not be? The Clinton marriage fell into political soap opera with the troubles of Bill's White House years, with nothing but question marks hovering overhead, for a time. Was he contrite? Had she forgiven him? Would she stay? The woman whose earlier assertiveness as first lady rankled some now was tagged with a new set of labels: Hillary the martyr. Hillary the steadfast, for sticking with her man. Hillary as Machiavelli, accepting marital humiliation as the price of power.

Complained someone who worked on her White House staff, who requested anonymity to speak freely: "If your husband has an affair and you forgive him, you get to turn the corner and move on. She never does." Not in the public mind, at least.

Hogwash. These people clearly need to get out more…is this really journalism or did I mistakenly stumble on Page Six masquerading as a "think piece" inside the Beltway?  Nothing like a little torrid prose and references to something naughty to spice up your article, I suppose, but here's a thought:  why not tackle Hillary Clinton's record on the merits, and stay out of her panty drawer altogether?

(What?  It's the back cover from Tori Amos' fabulous "Little Earthquakes" album.  Why do you ask?)

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