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“We See No Need for Action”

Since the alleged abductions did not take place on Austrian soil, in anAustrian airplane or on an Austrian ship, we see no need for action.

We see no need for action. That’s what a spokesperson for the Austrian Interior Ministry said in response to learning that long-time Austrian resident and Sudanese citizen Masaad Omer Behari was held for three months without cause in Jordan. The Jordanians even told Behari they didn’t believe him to be a terrorist–they just needed information.

But Austria did nothing because, after all, Behari isn’t an Austrian citizen, he wasn’t kidnapped on Austrian soil, he wasn’t abducted in an Austrian plane. Of course, they had him under surveillance. The Jordanians–and their US puppet-masters–no doubt learned of Behari’s movement through the Austrians. But still. We see no need for action.

That’s the picture of the US extraordinary rendition program described in Craig Whitlock’s WaPo article and accompanying court transcript. It’s all carefully designed such that there is no trace, no legal authority, "no need for action."

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