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Via Digby, we find Bill Richardson committing the supreme transgression of disparaging St. John McCain:

“The leading advocate for escalating the war is Senator John McCain. I have served with John in Congress and I respect him. But John McCain is wrong, dead wrong to think that we can solve Iraq’s political crisis through military escalation.”

“There are no quick or easy answers to the crisis in Iraq. Our choices are between bad options and worse ones. Some prefer military escalation. Some choose staying the course. These options are illusions. The only realistic choice we have is to stand down militarily and let the Iraqis stand up and face the political crisis which only they can resolve.”

Jeffrey Feldman has taken to calling him "Lord McCain," which I might actually like even better.  Whatever you want to call him, it's his escalation, good for Richardson for sticking it to him (Vilsack did much the same thing recently).

You break it, you buy it. Right?

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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