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Onward to Iraq


While Michelle Malkin is quick to dismiss those who are dubious about her upcoming Jaunt for Jihadi with Eason Jordan as hurling "hate, slime and stupidity," even our bretheren on the right are…er….laughing at her.  Stephen Spruiell at the NRO chortles at the thought, saying it "sounds like a sitcom" (proving even some on the right have limits of acceptable absurdity).  And Wonkette says they have "reason to suspect that Reuters has a totally made-up source in Saint-Tropez. We’d love to be proven wrong, of course. Maybe in the Spring, if that works."

Meanwhile, LG&M has a Christmas wish that I'd like to second.  May all the warbloggers take Malkin's bravery as a challenge to demonstrate that the AP simply doesn't know what it's talking about and prove those of us suffering from BDS dead wrong.

Will she go? Does she actually believe the stuff she writes?  Matt Ortega alerts us that this could be a danger:

It is tough to say, for sure, whether she will go or not until she actually gets on that Baghdad-bound plane. Malkin has immersed herself in the kind of mindset that Iraq is safer than [state city] based on inaccurate murder rates of inequal samples, a la Power Line. 

Too bad it ain't summer anymore in Baghdad because that would put a whole new spin on her "Hot Air" segment.

And meanwhile the big burly cop-type she's invited along for safety in numbers (who calls himself with no small amount of irony "Flopping Aces") is finding all manner of reason to backpeddle:

I worry, as others have, that this may be a set-up of some kind.  Think about it.  Eason Jordon should have a easy time of finding Jamil Hussein since the AP has said they have been talked to him for over two years.  I have blogged many times that there may indeed be a man named Jamil Hussein but my argument has always been he is a fraud.  It has already been confirmed that he is NOT employed by the Iraqi government so why would we go skipping around Iraq in search of someone the AP could supposedly produce in a heartbeat?

Picture this, we are tooling around Baghdad and then Eason say’s “AH-HA!” There he is.  Jamil produces a fake police ID badge and then asks us to comment.  When we say that we would like him to come with us to the Ministry of Interior and have the MoI verify he is indeed a employee Mr. Jordan would spin it as “big time journalist (Michelle obviously, not me) refusing to accept proof that Jamil is real.” His story would be “Jamil found” and thats how it will be filed across the land.

Do I sense some codpiece slippage?  Methinks we do. 

You can count me in the Steve Gilliard School of Expectations

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