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Crazy NJ clergyman rants over passage of civil union bill

Pastor Vincent Fields of Greater Works Ministries in Absecon, NJ was booted from the legislature after an anti-gay “prayer” on the floor of the state Senate, where he “cursed the spirit that would come to bring about gay marriage.” He had already gotten himself in trouble for using the Senate as his religious soapbox when he refused to give a generic prayer so as not to offend non-Christians, and prayed “in Jesus’ name” twice to spite those who told him to have restraint.

Once the measure to create civil unions passed (it now awaits Gov. Jon Corzine’s sig), it’s not surprising that this nut is going off the deep end. AgapePress captures the foaming-at-the-mouth diatribe of Fields.

If Governor Corzine does indeed sign the New Jersey civil unions bill into law, Fields believes the measure will harm families and individuals statewide. Among the likely results of the legislation, he predicts, will be “more people coming out of the closets, and … more marriages that were struggling and trying to find identity — and trying to get help in the church — that’ll have more problems now, and they may be pulled over to the other side.” [That closet door opening is at the heart of these people’s fears, huh? Is their faith so weak that it cannot stand openness about one’s orientation?]

In effect, legalizing civil unions in New Jersey “opens up Pandora’s box,” the pastor says. “Once you get that through, what’s next?” he asks. “Is there going to be polygamy? Should we have five wives? I don’t know what they’re going to do next.”

Also, Fields wonders whether Christians’ religious freedom may be a casualty of this push toward legalizing same-sex marriage. “If it becomes the law,” he muses, “then I technically can be in trouble as a pastor if I have two gay people come before me, of the same sex, and say, ‘We want counseling, and we want to be married.'”

Is this man a dolt or what? No religious institution will be forced to officiate over a civil union. It’s clear that he thinks that he’s living under a theocracy, bleating that the state legislature, by sanctioning civil unions is “effectively saying the Bible does not count.” Uh, yeah, that’s the point.

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