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Canadian fundie can't face the reality of marriage equality

Brian Rushfeldt of the Canada Family Action Coalition (CFAC) is quite sad — a man without a bigoted country. I can only hope, now that Parliament said no to reopening marriage equality to define it as solely between a man and a woman, that he won’t pack his bags and head our way.

Right now, he wants to put marriage on the ballot, and plans to beg PM Harper for a referendum, lololol.

The CFAC leader also notes that not many homosexuals have even taken advantage of the new law imposed by Parliament three years ago. “When you look at the numbers, we’ve only had between ten and twelve thousand supposed homosexual marriages,” he points out. “Now, we know that some of those aren’t even Canadian people; so we know that there probably isn’t even that many Canadian [same-sex] marriages.”

In addition, says Rushfeldt, most Canadians did not want the government to shove homosexual “marriage” down their throats in the first place. “There’s certainly not a huge number of general Canadian citizens who either care about it or want this to be done,” he contends. “And most of the polls that have been asking proper questions have indicated that about two-thirds of Canadians still want marriage as a man and a woman for reasons of freedom of speech and freedom of religion, for children’s rights.”

So, the Coalition spokesman notes, if the Canadian Parliament will not restore marriage, then it is up to the people. “The Prime Minister tomorrow could stand up in the House and say he’s going to have a referendum on it and declare that,” the activist adds, “because the process is that simple.”

Good luck with that project, Brian.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding