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W’s Mid-East Failures Lead To A Humiliating Reality

There’s no way for W to fail & lose face in Iraq without Iran gaining even more regional influence as a direct result

Interestingly enough, one way to give Iran something to worry about is an option that nobody in their right minds-except maybe the “disgraced with every failed post Iraq invasion scenarios” neocons W’s desperately sucking up to as the most obsequious of lackeys-will or could EVER agree to

Namely, work with a newly resurgent Taliban to destabilize their enemy of Iran

I can absolutely see these pathetic neocons urging just such a direction for their stated strategy, namely, establishing a permanent, military-based US hegemony, an extension of the US empire that they think is possible to achieve in spite of all the ugly, harsh and unpleasant realities to the contrary they’ve unleashed in the Middle East

It’s important to remember, that Iran helped the Bush Jr Administration with intelligence when the Taliban was toppled in 2002, and in return, President Bush Jr branded them as part of his now-failed and totally discredited “Axis Of Evil” rhetoric

Unfortunately, while complete failure and an even more humiliating withdrawal are assured for W’s Iraq MeatGrinder Crusade, and can be played for a real gain in Iranian influence, the same cannot be said for W, namely some scenario that knocks Iran off-track directly benefits W politically, as W has far too many other problems of the most arrogantly self-inflicted kind that will prevent him from being able to take any advantage of an Iranian loss of regional power or prestige

Iraq’s a lost cause, Afghanistan is being subjected to a now clearly resurgent-but still as lethal and evil as the version we deposed from power for it’s partnership with al-Qaeda-Taliban, and thanks to allowing Israel to bomb and strafe the living Hell out of Lebanon, Hezbollah’s making a push to topple the Siniora regime from power

Siniora is holed up in a compound in Beirut, unable to exert the political and military strength to leave the compound and roam Beirut completely at will, let alone roam Lebanon at will, a situation that undercuts even more “political capital” W’s in no position to waste or use injudiciously in the least

This President, and the neocons he so slavishly whores himself out for, deserve nothing but scorn of the harshest, most vitriolic kind, they’ve done far more to dismantle the US Empire they were so enthused about reinforcing with an easy military victory in Iraq, a victory that would somehow lead to a permanently over-fawning & “enthusiastic about all things W/Neocon” Iraq populace and send such terror in the hearts of all “evildoers” wanting to harm the US that there would never again be a terrorist attack on US interests, personnel or citizens anywhere in the world

What’s truly unconscionable is just how much blood had to be shed, how many lives, limbs & minds had to be lost on the part of the Iraqis and the US troops to expose the Neocon’s ruthless, blood-soaked fantasies that were best achieved by dealing out as much death, pain, anguish and sorrow as possible on a populace our decades-long backed Dictator had already brutalized before his overthrow in 2003

We read the horrific stories of the carnage, the horrors inflicting Iraq on a daily basis, and the worst, most unpredictable element are the gangs of freelance Death & Torture squads

Think of that freelance death-squad reality spreading to every other country in the region, and the absolute calamity of W’s Iraq MeatGrinder Crusade, fueled by a desire to make himself look acceptably bloodthirsty to the death-lusting neocons, becomes scarier and even more horrific to contemplate from what’s already going on in Iraq and Afghanistan every day now

That’s why there must be not the least bit of sympathy for W and the ever-tightening corner he’s continually painting himself in, that’s why only public and permanent ridicule, scorn and revulsion-like that permanently attached to Sen Joe McCarthy-are the only proper response to W and his shrinking band of mentally-sick neocons who urge ever greater death, pain and misery inflicted on others on the opposite side of the globe, while accusing those of us against their lunacy of being terrorist sympathizers and traitors worthy of nothing but imprisonment or execution

Screw them all, it’s their mess, no matter how desperately they try to run away from W, the same President they’ve backed so fervently as a great example of the “Conservative” cause

Except, of course, it’s NEVER the ideology that’s the problem in the first place, it’s ALWAYS the messenger’s fault, in this case that “messenger” being President Bush Jr

Sorry neocons, W’s the anchor that dragged down the GOP, and he’s doing the same to you clowns as well, he’s an anchor that can’t be pitched from the rapidly sinking USS GOP at this point at a neocon rat-free cost

He’s all yours neocons, President Bush Jr, and serves y’all right

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