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Q of the Night: How does your partner bug you?

My wife and I were talking about the things each of us does that really bugs the other.  Some of these things are just day-to-day unconscious annoyances (like how my wife leaves the lights on in every damn room all the time), some are purposeful actions taken to tease or annoy the other (like how I… well… in bed sometimes I… uh… does the term “Dutch Oven” mean anything to you?)

Anyway, I thought it might be interesting to have you Blenders reply in the comments with the most annoying things your partner does.  But here’s the catch: try to write your reply without any hint to whether you or your partner is male or female.  That is, make your comments purposefully sexual-orientation neutral.

It will be interesting to find out if that we straight and gay couples aren’t that different at all.  Maybe we can make the results into an online quiz — guess whether the couple is gay or straight — to prove the point that we’re more alike than different.

Have at it!

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