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My Slave-Owning Ancestors

I was just doing some ego-surfing (Googling your own name) and found this disturbing bit of family history:

Documented Slave Plantations of  North Carolina is a comprehensive database of various plantations derived from a variety of information mediums.

New Hanover County

Plantation:  Belville Plantation
Date:  circa 1790
Owner:  John Burgwin Waddell
Other:  70 slaves

Let’s dig deeper

The Town of Belville, which borders the Brunswick River, is home to Brunswick River Park. This park provides an opportunity to separate yourself from the hustle-bustle of everyday life and connect with nature. The site was once part of the 280 acre Belville Plantation, owned by the family of Daniel Lindsay Russell, who served as governor of North Carolina from 1897 – 1901.

I’ve got a genealogical database of the Belville family, left to me by my late Mormon aunt, that traces my line from Belville to Bellville to Belleville, from America back to France, all the way back to the early 13th century.  I’m going to find out who first settled it and how the Belville Plantation came to be.  Since only one line of Bellevilles escaped the wrath of King Philip the Fair (dang Catholic King didn’t like us Huguenots) all Bel(l)(le)villes are distantly, yet directly, related.

So, descendants of the 70 slaves of Belville Plantation?  I’m truly sorry any of my ancestors had anything to do with brutally kidnapping and enslaving you.

Pam (or anyone else), if you happen to get to that neck of the North Carolina woods, could you take some pictures for me?

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