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Daddy D's right hand man: 'hundreds of pastors' in the same boat as Haggard

Ah, what we learn from the good folks at Don Wildmon’s “news” organ, AgapePress. According to a report in one of their roundups, Focus on the Anus’s head of pastoral counseling, H.B. London (who’s also handling Ted Haggard’s “restoration”), says what we all assumed — a whole lot of these holier-than-thou heterosupremacist preachers are on the down low, smoking some pole.

For the second time in as many months, the founding pastor of a Colorado church has resigned over allegations of homosexual involvement. First it was prominent evangelical and mega-church leader Ted Haggard, who resigned after a male prostitute said they had had sex for years. Now, on Sunday, the founding pastor of Grace Chapel in Englewood told his congregation in a videotaped message that he had engaged in homosexual sex and was stepping down.

According to Associated Press, 54-year-old Paul Barnes, who has led Grace Chapel for 28 years, told his congregation that he has struggled with homosexuality since childhood and often “cried myself to sleep, begging God to take this away.”

Rev. H.B. London heads up the pastoral ministry of Colorado Springs-based Focus on the Family. He says his staff gets hundreds of phone calls from pastors struggling with the kind of sins that caused the downfall of Haggard and Barnes. London explains that pastors fall into sin for three reasons: unresolved conflicts at home, a lack of accountability, and a lack of intimacy with God. He says that while pastors face unusual pressures, 97 percent of them “do not fail morally and do their best to live above reproach.”

I like that first reason — doesn’t it sound suspiciously like the wife isn’t doing “her job” in the sack?

If the faith of these pastors (who are supposedly on the God Hotline) is so weak, how can they possibly lead, let alone demonize gay parishioners who aren’t tortured about their sexual orientation?

Quite a few of you wrote in about the above-mentioned Pastor Barnes and the lightning-fast work of his church to excise its web site of any references to the man (see OMGBlog). Were they going to catch The Gay from it?

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding