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Who Will Save the Children?


I just can't understand the silence coming from Hilllary Clinton and Joe Lieberman, those self-appointed guardians of public morality, who up until now have spared no effort to save us from the socially corrosive effects of violent video games.   We know how dangerous these games can be because Focus on the Family says so, citing research which finds that frequent video game players suffer from "an increase in emotional arousal, and a decrease of activity in the area of the brain involved in self-control."

The horror. 

But as Bruce Wilson at Talk to Action tells us, Focus on the Family — who can normally be relied upon to tell us all where we should and shouldn't put our joysticks — is dropping the ball when it comes to the Left Behind Video Game:

Outbreaks of self contradiction and moral relativism, or perhaps moral atrophy, continue at the powerful "family values" organization Focus On The Family. First came Vice President Tom Minnery's surprising concern – "I fear that we're in a society in which you will be held to the standards which you claim." (see full story). Now, a Focus On The Family website has both enthusiastically endorsed a video game – that lets players command forces to convert to fundamentalist Christianity or kill all the residents of New York – as "the kind of game that Mom and Dad can actually play with Junior" and highlighted findings from researchers at the Indiana State School Of Medicine indicating frequent playing of violent video games can cause parts of children's brains to atrophy.

Heaven help us all.  As Wired Magazine noted, the overall effect of this Islamofacist kill-fest puts one in something other than a spiritual frame of mind:  

In the thick of a really hectic Left Behind battle, I'd click the prayer button so instinctually that I pretty much forgot I was, well, praying.

Since we now have a President whose desire to measure wartime success by body count is indicative of someone who has probably spent more time playing Ultimate Doom than reading French existential literature (despite protestations to the contrary), I think we can all see the potential danger here.  Which is why it is such a shock that WalMart, who wouldn't carry John Stewart's America: The Book because John Paul Stevens' dong was too long, ignores continued cries to stop peddling religious violence for Christmas.

As a former member of WalMart's board , Hillary Clinton is in a particularly good position to get the ears of those who could save the children and stop the madness.  We await her critical forray into this terrible, terrible problem. 

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Jane Hamsher

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