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Sam Brownback on the fence about the GOP Big Tent and homos

With Mitt Romney twisting in the wind over revelations that he was for gay rights before he was against them, someone asked favorite fundie candidate for 2008, Kansas Senator Sam “Save the Nativity” Brownback about whether a Republican who supports equality would have a prayer in today’s GOP.

Look at this dodge. (365gay):

Brownback, in the midst of another visit to Iowa, was asked about criticism that Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was getting from conservatives over his writings years ago that suggested he backed gay rights.

While there is room in the party for such candidates, they will face a tough sell with conservatives focused on social and religious issues, said Brownback, who hopes to base his bid for the GOP nomination on such voters.

Asked if favoring gay rights would doom a candidate in the GOP primary season, Brownback said: “I don’t know about that. I mean, where are you on taxes? The base of the party is issue-oriented and issue-driven, so those are significant things.”

Brownback said it is far too early to dismiss candidates because of their views on such volatile issues as gay rights. “We are way, way early in this process, so I wouldn’t rule anybody out or in at this point in time,” Brownback said.

Riiiight, Sam. Are you the guy who supported a federal marriage amendment? The same senator with a chief of staff, Robert Wasinger, wrote in a campus magazine funded by the Heritage Foundation, that the “innocent sperm” of gay men are, “forced to swim into feces“?

That sure sounds like a big GOP tent to me.

Even with those mild comments in that article, it was enough to send some of the Freepi over the edge…The Freepi didn’t like it one bit.

Actual Freeper Quotes™

By all means lets get the degeneracy votes.

Why would you court a constituency that is overwhelmingly liberal and that would constitute at best a minute number of votes at the risk of alienating the base? Guess that’s why I’m not working at a political think tank, I don’t have my head right. But hey, that’s just me.

So Brownback is looking for the Brokeback voters?

All I want for Christmas is a conservative GOP, a conservative GOP, a conservative GOP. Da da da da da da, is a conservative GOP, a conservative GOP, a conservative GOP.

Another so-called conservative swinging to the left, last week he was speaking against the war and meeting with Obama on “bi-partisan” BS and this week gay rights.

I’m guessing he’s going by what happened in the 2006 elections. Most Independents and Moderates voted Democrat this time around and he’s probably figuring that they will again if the Republicans are not careful. The Republicans and the Democrats cannot win without the Moderate votes. That is who they will be fighting to win in 2008.

A man with “brown” in his name should not be speaking about gay sex.

Hey FReeps, instead of blaming some conservative voters for the loss last month, blame Republican politicians like this guy. They are the REAL culprits.

Bye, Bye, Brokeback, Brownback.

Just another fence straddler sticking his finger in the wind to see which way the wind is blowing and wanting to be all things to all voters.

There are alot of gays that are conservative, however Brownback will not get the nomination. Last year, I received a free partial subscription ot “Rolling Stone” magazine after visiting the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. The first issue was an in depth story about him. While I was reading this article I was wondering why would a potential Presidential candidate allow a reporter from a left-wing magazine spend the weekend following him around. ALot of the lines and remarks were a little unfair and over the top against the Senator and his wife’s lifestyle. However, Brownback came across as a total complete dork. He is not ready for prime time beyond Kansas..and his candidacy will mirror that of the ever-charismatic Gary Bauer.

there’s room in the GOP for candidates who favor gay rights That is a very true statement, because I will be leaving………

Everyday the GOP becomes less conservative. I think the Constitution Party is where Conservatives belong.

Brownback is very clever to answer this way when asked about Romney…great way to publicize Mitt’s “former” views.

Actually, apparently a lot of consevative Republicans stayed home because they were disgusted at the RINOs running for office. If the RNC gave money to conservatives instead of the most liberal of RINOs, they would see a much bigger turnout. The problem is not that the GOP isn’t liberal (aka “moderate”) enough, it’s that it’s too liberal. Why vote when you’re voting between Tweedledum and Tweedledee?

If Brownback understands how exactly we lost this last election – by not being both socially and fiscaly conservative enough – why is he talking this nonsense. Homosexuals have far and away enough protection (the same as the rest of us) now. That’s it. No reparations, no special treatment, no quotas, etc. It’s in the Book.

“Anyone who won’t back Brownback because he doesn’t want to tear up the party registrations of Log Cabin Republicans has lost sight of the fact that politics is the art of the possible.”

When the actual people have voted overwhelmeningly in every state (except AZ and apparently it wasn’t worded well there, they’re going to try again) to support marriage between a man and woman and thus reject “gay rights”, any politician who KAs to the homosexual lobby is no conservative and doesn’t deserve the votes of conservatives. There are some issues that could be on the table, but supporting the homosexual agenda is NOT one of them.

These are good answers. I expect the backers of Rudy McRomney to be all over Sen. Brownback for this–trying to make something out of nothing. Currently, Brownback is the best of the bunch. He’s the only one I’d give money to, work for, and definitely vote for.

While there’s room in the party for such candidates, they will face a tough sell with conservatives focused on social and religious issues, said Brownback, who hopes to base his bid for the GOP nomination on such voters. He’s not endearing himself to the base by these statements.

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