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Baghdad or Bust


A mighty wind gusts through the blogosphere over Eason Jordan's decision to pimp his new website by inviting Michelle Malkin to travel with him to Iraq, which looks like it's shaping up to be an episode of The Real World: Baghdad.

Greg Sargent thinks it makes Jordan look a little bit…well, wingnut whipped:

Eason, this is a very bad idea: It smacks of the worst kind of pandering to some of the ugliest elements in the blogosphere, all in search of a spike in traffic and some cheap publicity. Or maybe it's an effort to win over the righty bloggers: Remember, Malkin and her friends were the very same people who hounded you from your CNN job last year on the basis of another fake "scandal" involving some of your remarks about the troops. Now you want to fly her to Iraq?

Now, I'm personally a bit tired of folks like Malkin being treated like they're serious commenters in a legitimate debate rather than professional wingnut welfare-subsidized liars who will say anything to the lizard brains for the right price, and I agree that Jordan comes off as a bit of a co-dependent, self-promoting hack for making the gesture in the first place.  But I do think Markos has a good point:

So long as they leave the Green Zone, and without security detail that puts a single US soldier in harm's way. I mean, things are so splendid and it's just like Philly and there's all those great new schools! They'll be perfectly safe, I'm sure.

It does put Michelle in a bit of a bind.  The map above comes today via Kevin Drum, and it shows how Baghdad is rapidly being carved up into Shia and Sunni enclaves that are not safe for any outsider to enter. If she sticks to the Green Zone, Laura Ingraham will no doubt cut her to ribbons for "reporting from hotel balconies," right?  (Malkin herself approvingly quoted the same sentiment here.) But if she decides to leave…well, what neighborhood do you think Michelle Malkin — the woman who hires security guards to protect her from pies — will venture into?

Maybe Judy Miller will lend her an outfit

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