Pre-Friday Random Ten-updated

Let’s go out walking
I know where to meet…
The corner of Pacific Street
Cause I feel restless
And I just can’t sleep
I need to show you something…

Let’s get pretentious!

Boys Wanna Fight – Garbage
I Loves You, Porgy – Keith Jarrett
Charlie Don’t Surf – The Clash
Trouble Man – Marvin Gaye
Full Cup of Coffee – Tweaker
16 Days – Whiskeytown
A Little Warm Death – Cassandra Wilson
Expecting To Fly – Neil Young
Some Velvet Morning – Slowdive
Pacific Street – Hem

bonus #11: Sick of Myself – Matthew Sweet

More on Sweet here.

Meanwhile Steve teaches you to talk like a music insider

Update: for some reason someone took down the Sweet video at YouTube, so the above is a live version.

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