Thursday Night Basset Blogging.
The Horror, the Horror Edition…

We had a bit of trauma around the house earlier this week.

It seems that when the housekeeper left Tuesday afternoon she neglected to put the ottoman (the piece of furniture, not the empire) back by the bed meaning that Satchmo and Beckham had to spend the entire day on the floor and in their own beds!!! instead of on my bed. By the time I got home they had already typed up a termination letter that went for naught when they discovered they couldn’t forge my name because they lacked a single opposable thumb between the two of them.

After calming them down we had a long talk about “making lemonade when life gives you lemons”, but I don’t think it had much impact; they still seemed pretty bitter at dinnertime…

Hours later Satchmo had made up for lost time by destroying the bed and climbing completely under everything in order to get warm…only to come out panting in the end.


While Beckham retired upstairs to the chaise where he took out his frustrations on Mr. Baseball

Trying to tear off his little arms

Quite frankly, if the pouting doesn’t stop

I’m telling Santa…

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