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WND – Chuck Norris for prez

I thought this was a joke, but WingNutDaily actually has an article on some wacky poll in South Africa that declared Chuck Norris would win in a landslide if he ran for president of South Africa — with 86% of the vote.

“Of course it should be Chuck Norris,” says ZOO Weekly Editor Margot Bertelsmann. “Not only is he the most powerful force in the universe, but his heart is also in the right place due to the fact that he frequently donates blood to the Red Cross … just never his own!”

WND breathlessly speculates as to whether Chuck, who is a columnist at the right wing web site, would have a chance here if he tossed his hat into the ring.

Maralyn Lois Polak’s “endorsement” read like a giant laff fest to me, but apparently the WND editors took it seriously…

His fellow WND columnist, Maralyn Lois Polak, hardly a Republican cheerleader, had already made it clear where she stands. In a column titled unambiguously “Chuck Norris for president!” she offered up some credentials: “He knows his way around the White House. He’s been there for dinner. He played golf with Nancy Reagan. He went to Korea. He was an MP in the service. Don’t mess with him – he was a martial arts champ who became an actor at age 36, starred in more than 20 motion pictures and can crunch creeps like cockroaches.”

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“Chuck Norris for president!” she continued. “He’s a God-fearing kind of guy. He’d keep us out of war, or help us win the ones we’ve already lost – on film. He’s a one-man avenging army, so we could cut defense spending considerably. Even when he was 47, he worked out three hours a day and his resting heartbeat was 39 or 40. He can cry on cue, and he can do his own stunts, which would be helpful in strategic negotiations. He’s been known to travel with his workout partner-cum-bodyguard and his personal hairdresser, so he’d always be ready in a crisis.”

And so what did the WND readers think of Mr. Delta Force’s prospects? Look after the jump…At least this poll didn’t offer the choice that he may be too liberal, lol…

* Chuck Norris on the election

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