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Chalk Up Another “W” In the Progressive Column


So Ciro Rodriguez beats Henry Bonilla.  I have to say, I did not think this one was in the bag at all:

The apparent key to Rodriguez's come-from-behind victory was a heavy focus by national Democrats on identifying and turning out Latino voters — especially in Bexar County. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spent $100,000 on ads on Hispanic radio in the district and paid for thousands of get-out-the-vote calls. All told, the DCCC spent more than $900,000 on this race — more than two-thirds of which went into television advertising that sought to undermine Bonilla's seeming strengths on military issues. The DCCC also gained considerable traction with spots that attacked the incumbent for supporting multiple congressional pay raises.


In contrast to the heavy spending by the DCCC, the National Republican Congressional Committee chose not to spend a dime on this race — under the belief that Bonilla's massive financial edge (he outspent Rodriguez at a better than four-to-one clip) would be more than enough to hold the seat. It's hard not to wonder if the chaos caused within the Republican Party following its losses on Nov. 7 led to a lack of focus on the Texas runoff.

And Sean-Paul says:

The ad that Henry Bonilla ran killed him. I'll see if I can find a link to the ad. It was so over the top that even the conservative guys at my station disliked it.

It was, no question, one of the uglier ads of the season.

Ciro is a true pro-labor, pro-choice progressive and having him in the House again is wonderful.  We raised a lot of money this year on his behalf and thanks to everyone who answered the recent call to phone bank for him

And, it must be said, thanks to the DCCC who went in and used their resources to pull Ciro through.  It's one more kick in the nads to Tom DeLay and his redistricting scheme, which makes it an extra delight.

Suppose the Bugman's gonna blog about it?


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