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Tofu is a tool of the Homosexual Agenda

Soy is feminizing, and commonly leads to a decrease in the size of the penis, sexual confusion and homosexuality. That’s why most of the medical (not socio-spiritual) blame for today’s rise in homosexuality must fall upon the rise in soy formula and other soy products.
— James Rutz is chairman of Megashift Ministries, in his column, “A devil food is turning our kids into homosexuals

Today’s batsh*ttery article of the day is from our friends at WingNutDaily.

I personally don’t like tofu, but those of you out there who are enthusiasts of it (and any soy products)  have been doing our bidding  — you’re part of the pro-Homosexual Cabal that is creating queer folks.

Heed the call to stop the madness from James Rutz:

I have nothing against an occasional soy snack. Soy is nutritious and contains lots of good things. Unfortunately, when you eat or drink a lot of soy stuff, you’re also getting substantial quantities of estrogens.

Estrogens are female hormones. If you’re a woman, you’re flooding your system with a substance it can’t handle in surplus. If you’re a man, you’re suppressing your masculinity and stimulating your “female side,” physically and mentally.

It appears that, in addition to our desire to “produce” as many homos as possible, we’re using the devil food to give our fellow citizens cancer, leukemia, make them fat and, most importantly, cause infertility!

Research in 2000 showed that a soy-based diet at any age can lead to a weak thyroid, which commonly produces heart problems and excess fat. Could this explain the dramatic increase in obesity today?

…oy use may double in the next few years because (last I heard) the out-of-touch medicrats in the FDA hierarchy are considering allowing manufacturers of cereal, energy bars, fake milk, fake yogurt, etc., to claim that “soy prevents cancer.” It doesn’t.

He gives reassurance to those of you that like soy sauce and alerts worried hets about what soy products are safe.

Soy sauce is fine. Unlike soy milk, it’s perfectly safe because it’s fermented, which changes its molecular structure. Miso, natto and tempeh are also OK, but avoid tofu.

How do these wingers get a hold or our Master Plan?

BTW, Jim is known as an “author, copywriter, columnist, teacher, pioneer thinking, chronicler of the miraculous and spokesman for the worldwide house church community,” according to the bio on his web site.

Hat tip, Mike.

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