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NJ Senate votes to add 'gender identity or expression' to anti-discrimination laws

The Garden State continues down the postive path of recognizing the rights of all of its citizens. The measure is expected to pass the General Assembly, which would make the state the third largest in America (after California and Illinois), to pass anti-discrimination protections for TGs. (via BlueJersey):

By a vote of 31-5, the New Jersey State Senate has just passed a bill to outlaw discrimination against New Jersey’s transgender citizens.  Voting “no” were five Republican Senators:  Bark, Ciesla, Kavanaugh, Littell and Palaia.  The New Jersey State Assembly is expected to pass the bill this Thursday.

  The bill would add a citizen’s “gender identity or expression” as a basis for protection under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination.  The bill has been a top priority for Garden State Equality, which has taken a number of bold measures to advance the bill; and for the Gender Rights Advocacy Association of New Jersey, the statewide transgender organization.

Garden State Equality notes that it aired the first television commercial in American history on discrimination faced by the transgender community (go here and click on the Trans Equality link on its site).

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